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About Us

Mouldex Ltd is a family run business specialising in mould, condensation and radon control. We were formed in 2018 by our Managing Director Andrew Cowlin with the intention to tackle the growing mould issues in the UK due to poor air quality, to create an enjoyable workplace for its staff and to provide a service which all employees can be proud of.

Today we have 85 employees based throughout the UK and we are very proud to make a positive difference to people’s lives every day.

Our services include site survey for root cause analysis, followed by the design and installation of a system to manage the air quality within the home and once the air contaminant is managed we treat the surface. Once these important steps are  undertaken we provide a guarantee against mould returning and offer an ongoing maintenance service to ensure the home continues to be fresh and free of mould.

Mouldex’s 4 Steps to Mould Control 

Survey & Monitor

Our trained surveyors will analyse the environmental conditions and assess the ventilation in accordance with current regulations. Ongoing live monitoring allows us to identify remotely if there is a mould risk and notify our clients.


Our fully qualified team of installers are on hand to install and commission intelligent ventilation systems to control humidity levels and improve air quality.


Our mould technicians will completely eradicate the mould and provide a mould inhibiting barrier to affected surfaces to prevent mould from reforming.


Our technicians are on hand to clean and service existing ventilation systems and commission them as necessary. The ongoing remote monitoring systems enable us to track when maintenance of a system is necessary.

The Future is Here

Our new MX1 monitor allows our clients to identify mould risk within their home remotely. Mouldex’s knowledge and support combines the latest IOT technology with a support package to resolve issues once they are identified, saving our clients time and money

Our Mission

To improve the air quality within homes throughout the UK with an affordable and sustainable solution for homeowner, landlord and tenant

Our Values

– Team work

– Integrity 

– Respect 

– Passion 

– Innovation